Write an ODE to your favorite fast food. (Definition: An ode is a poem written in praise of a person, place, or thing.)

Make a list of things that taste like LOVE to you. Then write about a world without one of the items on your list.

What flavors remind you of childhood?

Make a list of your bad habits. What do they taste like? (Example: Being late tastes like yesterday’s coffee and that granola bar in my glove box.)

Make a list of items you find in space. What do they taste like? (Example: The stars taste like sugar, and Saturn is a chocolate milkshake.)

Morning breath? Yuck! Write about what your tongue tastes like first thing in the morning or whenever you wake up.

Make a list of alternative names for your favorite or least favorite food.

Write about something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

Write about the taste of two of your favorite but opposite foods combined. (Example: French fries dipped in a Wendy’s frosty. Ranch dressing on pizza. Fried catfish and spaghetti.)