Poetry Written

Gardner Elementary

Poems from Another Whale Dancing, v.1, (2014)


History Poem

I feel
like sad dust
in the shining sun

I feel
like I am flying
with the summer eagles

Inside my heart
I become a snowflake
that falls from the sky

Mohamed Shaaban
published in Gardner Elementary’s Another Whale Dancing, v.1 (2014)



All night the rivers
twist. Bite each other’s
tails in happiness. I play suddenly
on them, twisted among them
and cry half shy, half
bird slithering over roofs.

Richell Guzman
published in Gardner Elementary’s Another Whale Dancing, v.1 (2014)


5 Ways to Look at a Cat

Among three trees there is
a cat. No one can
move. Only the cat.

Among rivers you can
see a cat. A beautiful cat.
You can stare at him all
day without blinking.

Among a mountain, in a
box, inside a house a
cat sat. There was fire
but the cat was not afraid.

Among the roofs of
houses there is a cat
that jumps from roof to roof.

Among a castle were two cats.
One was King and one was Queen.
They were known as the rulers
of animals.

Hannon Attareb