Poetry Book

Mann Elementary

Poems from Here, There and Everywhere, v.4, (2014)


What Things Say

When a tree makes a sound
it says, “Get this squirrel out of my ear.”

When a fish makes a sound
it says, “I wish I could be a human so I could eat my own kind.”

When a heart makes a sound
it says, “Why am I so red?”

When a shoe makes a sound
it says, “Where did I come from?”

When a snake makes a sound
it says, “My skin is so pretty.”

Keiontay Nelson
published in Mann Elementary’s Here, There and Everywhere (2014)



—for my dad

I wish you were still around.
Then we could roll down hills
and catch fireflies. In the winter
we could make snowmen.
I think you are music in my ears
that goes through my ears
every minute. If you were around
I would thank you for spending time
with me everyday. You are the sun
that wakes me up in the morning.
Dad, you are a piece of pizza
that I eat to give me energy.
You are a piece of my brain
that makes me smart. You are a snowflake
that drops down on me and makes me
feel better. If you were around
we would have so much fun together.

Matthew Calloway


The Dream Hand

The hand that reaches
to the sun and puts it in my pocket.

The hand that takes a star
and puts it around my room.

The hand that can blow out ice
when a monster is chasing me around the street.

The hand that writes my name
across the blue sky.

Armonnie McGee