Poetry Book

River Rouge STEM Academy

Poems from I Am The Moon, See You Soon, v.1, (2017)


The Truth About The Moon

It is a blind man
calling for help.

It is a frozen pond
waiting to get broken.

It is a coin waiting
to be flipped.

A ring waiting
to be worn.

A broken light bulb waiting
to be fixed.

The moon is a poem
ready to be read.

Samai Estrada


Be Careful Of Words

Sometimes they sting like
a bee on a hot summer day.
Yet words can be as powerful
as a lightning strike
in a storm.

I have so much I want to say.
But the words can put people
in a tangled position. The wrong words
hit me with a rock and bruise me
like shattering glass spread on the floor.

Words and glass must be handled
with love, ‘cause once broken
they can’t be fixed. And yet

words can be puzzled together
to bring friendship back like a wishing star.

Mercedes Parker


If There Were No Words

If there were no words
our world would be like
no windows on a house
no poems on a piece of paper
no school with kids in it.

If there were no words
our world would be like
a wolf without any fur,
a firefly that doesn’t glow
in the dark.

Jayden Peters


This Is Love

Love is like
a firefly that never stops glowing.

Love is like
tissue that never runs out.

Love is like
a dime that never stops flipping.

Love is like
a flower that never stops growing.

Love is like
a pen that never runs out of ink.

Love is like
a notebook that never runs out of paper.

Janeise Campbell


I Am A Horse Running

I am a horse
running through
the mountains
while my wild
comadres watch.
And they soon
join me and we
have fun being
free all day,
the sun painting
yellow and orange
across the sky.

Morgan Evans


Family Portrait

My father was a thief.
He stole some stars and put them in my eyes.

My mom is a tree with dark brown leaves.
So dark that they look black.

My skin is a dark brown coal.
My friends are my umbrella on rainy days.

My spirit is a wanderer who is never lost.
My heart is like a cherry blossom getting ready to bloom.

My mind is like a room with sticky
notes on the wall.

My feet are fish trying to
find the ocean.

Morgan Evans