Poetry Book

Garvey Academy

Poems from Jambo, v.5, (2017)


My Heart

I think my heart is a river
free of pollution
where my true love
is waiting. Or maybe it’s a million
butterflies dancing
in my stomach, or a cat
with all the fish
in the world, or an angel
sent from God
blessing me.

Kristina Dove


We Write Poems

We write poems
because the wind blows our hair in the summertime.

We write poems because
it takes the sadness and puts it in a jar.

We write poems because
it makes the birds chirp in the trees.

We write poems for
everyone who isn’t able to write poems.

We write poems because
it makes the stars and moon shine brighter.

We write poems for everyone
who can’t so that we can help them express themselves.

We write poems for
people who want their words to be heard.

We write poems for
the sadness in the sky when the birds can’t fly high
and the trees start to die.

We write poems for
the injustice in the world and the diseases without
a cure and for the tree that sits alone.

Jamila Russell


How To Write A Poem

To write a poem it takes
a pencil, paper, your hands.
Before you write a poem, though,
you need to eat a poem.

First, the poem goes to your eyes,
then ears. Until it eventually
travels to your mind and then
out of your mouth or pencil.

This is something to know.
Every time you write a poem
you are feeding others. You are
helping people stay alive.

Giovanni Barnette


The Sun Is Full Of Sunshine

I think the sun is a wheel
going through a puddle of water.

I think the moon is maybe
an apple pie that never was eaten.

I wish the clock would go faster
so I can go home.

I know the moon and sun
will never die.

I wish the sun would stay out

Rachard Burton


Finding What I’m Looking For

I’m trying to find what I’m looking for.
Can you help me?
I’ll give you a few hints on how to be me.

I find comfort in the sky. In large thunderstorms,
in big blizzards and dark clouds.

I seek asylum in the forest. In the wind
animals. In the very idea of fantasy.

I take refuge in libraries. In the rows
upon rows of books. In fictional characters.

Lastly, I take ownership in music.
The sorrowful lyrics. In the lonely ballads.

I find my escape in things others don’t.
Help me find what I’m looking for.

Celeste Barton


Never Be

Never be a bird with no wings.
Don’t be a person with no bones.
Don’t be a kid with no eyes.
Rise above the sun.
Be your own self.
Don’t hide, be happy.
Say “No” to the bad.
Don’t be a fish with no gills.
Be who you are.
Don’t be nobody else.
Sometimes be with the sun.
Don’t go down go up.
Never give up.
Don’t be mad be strong.
Be the light not the dark.
Have hope to trump.
Remember that you mean something.
Never say “I quit.”
Don’t be a car with no wheels.

Dominick Whitaker


A World Without Kindness

A world without kindness is like
A world with no people
A house with no roof
A class with no teacher
A tree with no branches
A person with no eyes
A door with no doorknob
A world with no air.

In a world without kindness
Would there be happiness?
Would you be lonely?
Would the sky still be sunny?
Would we still be loved?

Lillian Davis


A Wall Of Words

Always speak your mind in times of darkness.
Walk in the light.
Build a wall of light to block out the evil.
Don’t let others define you.

Keep your shoes tied and keep your head high.
Don’t shut people out, let them come in.
Don’t be scared, be amazing.
You can be the heart of a nation.

Make peace, not hate.
You are the light of the party.
Never be quiet, let your voice be heard.
Remember you are your voice.

Speak your mind, always.
Don’t let anyone break you.
Be yourself.
Create for yourself.

Define yourself.
Name yourself.
Don’t let the gray skies bring you down.
Stop trying to build a wall and build a country.

You are the light. Don’t let the dark affect you.
You are a seed in the ground.
You are someday going to grow into something somebody wants.
Always remember, you exist even through the mist.

Remember, be resilient.
Everyone’s the same on the inside but different on the outside.
Don’t shut the door, open the door.
Remember you are perfect who you are.

Remember love is an open door.
Connect with your inner voice.
Don’t be lonely.
God gave us a life for a reason.

We are all the same.
We all have different talents.
Let’s do it together.

A Group Poem (Grade 7)