Poetry Book

Garvey Academy

Poems from Jambo!, v.4, (2016)


The Moon

I think the moon is a sunspot
blown off the sun, or maybe

it’s a glowing piece of silver.
I think the moon is a saucer

of milk. Or the moon is a lost
little boy who brings light

to the night so other people
don’t get lost like him.

Joseph Carter


Angry Bird

My friend is like
an angry bird
who hasn’t eaten.
What my friend needs
is love
or a Band-Aid
to cover her heart
and fix the broken

Stephany Jackson


My Poems

I’ll put my courage
and kindness in my poem
to make the world
less full of rage.

I’ll put blue and gold
butterflies in my poem
to make the world a better place.
I’ll put classical music
in my poem to calm the waves.

I’ll put the sound of
quartets in my poem
so it’ll please my ears.
I’ve been working on a
story to share with the
world for years.

In my poem I’ll envelope
the world in my abyss of
courage, kindness, hope, and
love. Which is something
the world should be full of.

Diamond Johnson


If There Were No Words

If there were no words
our world would be like a sunset
without a sun. Our sky
without a sun is like a human
without a heart.

If there were no words
our world would be like a desert
without sand. A desert without
sand is like a tree
without roots.

If there were no words
our world would be like a chair
without legs and a chair without
legs is like a mouth
without teeth and a tongue.

If there were no words
our world would be like an ocean
without fish which is like
a school without teachers
to teach kids what we need
to need for our future.

And now I’m walking in a house
without a roof.

Michael Perry


Poem In Reverse

The smile falls off my face as
I hand my mom back my newborn baby
sister. Putting back on my coat
and walking backwards out the hospital
getting back in the car I arrived in.
The car pulls backwards into the driveway
and I am laying down, closing my eyes,
going back to sleep. Never knowing
how my soon-to-be baby sister would look
only in my dreams.

Keiona Adam


Inside My Brain

My brain isn’t a dusty
old rock.
My brain is an ocean full
of thoughts with ideas washing
up on the shore.

My thoughts are my own.
Nobody can change or influence them.
I am like the old person
on your street.

Never leaving the porch,
savoring the beauty
of the day.

My brain sings thoughts,
ideas, never getting tired.
My brain is different. Truly
an original.

Candance Montgomery