Poetry Book

Cody DIT

Poems from Memoirs and Metaphors, v.1, (2015)


Granny Never

Always had 100% health
Blamed others for her problems
Considered giving up hope
Dreamed of leaving her family so soon
Entered a room without lifting spirits
Forgot a birthday
Gave up on God
Hid anything from family
Injected herself with any negativity
Just gave up on her loved ones
Knew how to show love
Liked others telling her what to do
Moped around
Never liked people to mistake her kindness for weakness
Optimistically looked at things
Put others before her kids
Relied on others
Surrendered to nothing
Talked about people behind their backs
Understood why people acted the way they do
Verified anything she told us after she told us what to do
Wished anything bad on people
X out anyone
Zipped through things

Orlando Evans
Cody DIT’s Memoirs and Metaphors v.1 (2015)



You’re a lightning bolt
You keep being burned
like always.
But I live,
nothing to fear.

Samuel Bessiake
Cody DIT’s Memoirs and Metaphors v.1 (2015)


The Meeting

Meeting my dad
put my heart to the grind.
It was exciting
He lied,
but it didn’t matter,
I believed,
I thought my heart was exploding
larger than the nuclear bomb.

Tyler Wiley