Poetry Book

Harms Elementary

Poems from Memory Box, v.1, (2016)


The Dark Woods

I walk through the
dark woods. I tremble
with fear when the
night falls.

I hear tree branches
break every time
I take a step.

My heart feels like a
tiny mouse hearing all
the scary noises. It
felt like someone
was breaking

my legs every time
I took a step.
Looking at the moon as if it

was staring at me.
Did I ever
hurt you?

Vanessa Wessels


This. Is. Not. A. Car.

this is flash on a
freeway            the butter fingers
the bald eagle soaring in the
cheetahs chasing a deer
unicorns flying
in the air like
Usain Bolt, legs moving at
18 miles per hour
speed speed
I’m all about speed
I’m too fast
eat cheetahs’ dust
cars are flashes
like a shooting star
zooming in the sky

Ronald Buyck, III


The Earth Is A Living Thing

the earth is a living thing
like a bear in a war

or a dog in the north pole.

a hawk getting chased by
an ugly eagle or flying bones.

Ezequiel Velez


Yeti, Come

Yeti, we’ve got faith
that we use everyday;
we’ve got families and you
can be part of mine.
We’ve got fresh food
like bread, soup, and much more.

Yeti, we’ve got a lot of
good people like teachers
that help you learn, but also
bad people like robbers. But
we can make them good.
I only have good people
in my house.

Yeti, we’ve got fast bikes
to ride around town
like a group of horses and
wild animals.

Please Yeti, turn around and
come down. I do not
want you to freeze. Please
Yeti, I care for you.
Not only me, we all
do. Can’t you see?

Kayla Crowe


Gone For A Month

I was underwater swimming with
whales looking for food to
feed their very hungry little babies.

I came out of the water and
saw a gorgeous red meadow covered
with beautiful purple flowers
that had just sprouted.

I went farther and saw a mother elk
and daddy elk protecting their child
which reminded me about the people
who protect me.

My heart felt like a blue jay exploring
the world as it’s migrating south
to get away from the cold.

The rest of the forest felt…empty…
dead…and dark like it got destroyed by
people at war.

I heard a voice like an elk was
speaking to me,
sad that it couldn’t find its family.

What has happened? I was only gone
for a month and then I came back
and saw the far part of the forest empty…dead…
and dark. What has happened
while I was gone swimming with
the whales?

Angel Cardiel


White Eagle

We saw a Bald Eagle
when we were camping.
I was amazed, I also
got a little scared.
It was a big bird the size of
a one-year-old. I saw its
shining beak and its
amazing talons. My heart
was a fish that the eagle
caught and brought back
to feed its babies.

Darwin Alvarado-Hernandez