Poetry Book

Western International High School

Poems from Our Own Muses, v.1, (2015)

Ode to the Money

Oh dear money
How green and powerful you are
Controlling so much while being so thin
Blowing people’s minds
With a couple of simple things
While you go on from pocket to pocket
I’m in my room screaming “I want it!”
You work in mysterious ways
Like why can’t you just go away
You are just another need
Like water and the air that we breathe.

Adrian Tapia
Western International High School’s Our Own Muses v.1 (2015)


#Our Lives Matter

City light burn out
Laughter turns to pain
Secrets encourage lies
Fake hope makes smiles
Working together for a “better tomorrow”
The world splits, breaking the ocean
Never see your love again
Color turns to black & white
Living in a grey

Itzel Salinas 
Western International High School’s Our Own Muses v.1 (2015)



a mural of
the world
on cement
that is cracked
and old
kind of
that the world
is all
the same.

Oscar Hernandez 
Western International High School’s Our Own Muses v.1 (2015)


100 Years From Now


I will be old
I will be wrinkly
I will have grandkids
I will have a huge family
I will drink juice
I will be rocking on a chair
I will be eating still
I will not be in school
I will have grey-white hair
I’ll still be loved.

Miriam Romero