Poetry Book

Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative Energy

Poems from Songs of the City, v.4, (2015)

Art is Emotions

Whatever is in your emotions
comes out on paper
as art. When I do art, I let
all my emotions out at once.
You may never know what
may come out on that
specific piece of art. That’s
why I just let loose.
Sometimes it helps me get
over what I’m going through.

Asia Tamar
Osborn Evergreen’s Songs of the City v.4 (2015)



Love is like clothes coming
out of the dryer.

Javon Jackson
Osborn Evergreen’s Songs of the City v.4 (2015)



Love is a mountain because it is

Angel Robbins
Osborn Evergreen’s Songs of the City v.4 (2015)



Lost my pops when I was 6. Need
someone to guide me. Lost my way in
life. Mom was never there for me. Lost all
respect for everybody. Used to cry
at night. Felt I was alone in the world.
As I got older, my hate got colder.
I never felt at home, but got to hanging
with the OG.s. Got to slowly learning
off them. Soon enough, I got to doing
my own thing. Mom try to step back
in my life It was too late, already became
a man now.

Jaden Brown