Poetry Book

Mann Elementary

Poems from Stars Looking At Stars, v.8, (2016)


If There Were No Words

If there were no words
we couldn’t be able to speak.
Maybe we would use numbers
to speak. Or there wouldn’t
be people if there were no
words. Maybe we would be animals
like dogs and cats. Maybe
there wouldn’t be anything on earth.
Everything would be white or black.
If there were no words what would letters
be? Maybe there would be humans
that had to make up their own
words. Nothing would exist if there
were no words.

The universe wouldn’t exist
either. If words didn’t exist
their meanings wouldn’t mean
anything. We are words.
There wouldn’t be numbers
because a number is a word.
Maybe there would only be robots
or only one word left on earth.

Ja-nasia Brown


The Truth About My Pencil

This pencil is not just a pencil.
It is a ship flowing through a river.

Or a room that has a lot of dogs and cats
playing in the house.

Even a shooting star falling from the sky
to my house calling my name.

Or a chicken that lays down all day and all night.

And a goat saying, “Don’t let me go home to that mean owner.”

Or a voice that came down from the sky saying,
“Your baby sister from heaven is saying she needs you.”

And a fish that wants to see her family so bad that she will cry.

Or it is a star shining in the sky.

I know my pencil is my sister that is in heaven.

Tamaria Travis


Stars Looking At Stars

A poem is my mother cooking apple pie
and then forming it into a pie of words.

A poem is freedom of speech and justice.

A poem is like candy on a motorcycle
but there is a monkey on the back trying to eat it!

A poem is like the water in the ocean going
wish-wash, but really it’s the water in your bathtub!

A poem is like stars looking at stars
looking at stars looking at stars.

Chani Cyars


Shines So Bright

My hair shines like the sun in the sky shining on someone.
My eyes are like the moon going to turn into the sun.
My glasses are the clear ocean flashing to the tall trees.
My glass of water shines so bright that the Flint water gets clean.
My science book has way too many pages that are full of a lot of words.
My star in my night sky is flashing on the water.
The sun is like the moon rotating around other planets.
The sun is like someone burning.
The trees are moving because of the air.
The Flint water is like pens writing in them.
The words are like moving pages.
The water is so clean that it is shining.

Mashi’la Davis


Self Portrait

My eyes are like butterflies every time I blink.
My fingers are like leaves on a tree.
My hair is like water with big waves.
My ears are like birds flying in the sky.
My eyes are like the sun making the earth bright.
My fingers are like singing light.

K’rei Scarver


The Moon Is A Flower

I think the moon
is a flower that
the petals fell off of.

I think the moon
is a tree with cherry
blossoms blooming.

I think the moon
is an old man that
is trapped on it.

I think the moon
is a snowball that is
what makes it snow.

I think the moon is
a house that will never
get knocked down.

I think the moon is
a king snoring
in his castle bed.

I know the moon
is a tall bucket
of popcorn.

I know the moon
is a planet with aliens
dancing the night away.

Kennedi Young-Vinson