Poetry Book

Western International High School

Poems from The Anointing, v.1, (2017)


Lost Girl

little black girl, little white girl
i am neither,
the little black girl with large curls,
nor the little white girl with blue eyes.

i am a little brown girl, with confusing eyes
and a mysterious smile.
my name is lost, so I am lost.
i am a girl who everyone thinks is a little bright girl.
can you tell i am drowning just by my eyes?

Destinee Galvan


In My Pocket

In my pocket I shove my fists as far as I can.
I can feel the anger radiating from my hands.
Finally I relax enough to take my hands out.
They open to reveal a crumbled letter
with the U.S Army emblem on it.
It bore my brother’s name.
That’s all that was left of him.

Flor Hernandez


Where I Am From

I am from the baseball field
where I spend most of my time.
I can smell fresh cut grass from miles
away and I love it. If the sun is out
then it’s a perfect day to play ball.

Crack open this house and you will see
couches shaped like baseball gloves,
and trophies that smell like sweat.
All you can sense is vibes and sacrifices
as our family’s blood has baseball dirt in it.

Miguel Ambriz




Come to earth where there is milk
to pour on cereal, nights of endless
darkness to stare into. And soaring skyscrapers
tickling the clouds. Come to earth, Flume,
where we have warm socks, soft blankets,
and hot chocolate. Earth, where there’s winds
that speak in different languages. Come to earth
where you can flip the page in a book with one finger.
Earth, where when you can say hello to someone
and life pours from the sky.

Omar Cervantes


God Standing In Front Of Hitler After His Death

hello my son, welcome. yes, you are long gone.
probably should’ve been sooner. it makes me sad to say
you have disappointed me. what were you thinking?
that mustache? why? couldn’t grow it wider than that?
anyways, besides that misfortune, you let many lives
and souls suffer, you still think you did the right thing, huh?
well, let’s see how you like it when the tables turn.
what do i mean? the only logical thing to do is let you live
in the shoes of someone you made suffer. easy peasy
lemon squeezy. what does that mean? not sure, but i believe
that’s the new lingo the cool kids are using.
why not just make you go to hell?
well, wouldn’t that be easy for you.
no, you’re going back as a Jew.
let’s see you try to cook in their shoes.

Paola Reyes



Today my name is Dark.
The police think my name is Delinquent.
Trump thinks my name is Illegal Alien.

Diego Orozco