The Sky Inside My Mind

Visger Academy

Poems from The Sky Inside My Mind, v.1, (2017)


What Is Time?

What is time?
Is it blue

like the sky,
or is it pink

like a lollipop?
Does it look

like a star?
Does it move around like a cat?

Does it hop like a bunny,
or does it roar

like a tiger that got
something stuck in his paw?

Kamiylah Randall


Ode To My Necklace

My dad
gave me this necklace.
When I take it off, it is a
shining star.
When I put it on, it is
like a spider
When I walk, it is
like a butterfly
coming out of its

Jerrisa Cross


Inside My Thumbprint

It is like a rollercoaster going
through the deep blue sea,
seeing fish
that look green with a key made
of seaweed
and a door made of
When I open the door, I see
a parallel universe.

Christopher Blair



A fish
in the
waves flowing
and the
glaring on

Jerrisa Cross


Dream Deferred

What happens
to a dream deferred?

Will it
wave to you
like a friend?

Does it
open like
a door?

Does it
float like
a hot-
air balloon?

Does it
blow things
like a fan?

Does it
creep like
a mouse?

Does it
run away?

Sabrina Cochran

October 16th, 2017|