Poetry Book

Visger Academy

Poems from The Sky Inside My Mind, v.1, (2017)


What Is Time?

What is time?
Is it blue

like the sky,
or is it pink

like a lollipop?
Does it look

like a star?
Does it move around like a cat?

Does it hop like a bunny,
or does it roar

like a tiger that got
something stuck in his paw?

Kamiylah Randall


Ode To My Necklace

My dad
gave me this necklace.
When I take it off, it is a
shining star.
When I put it on, it is
like a spider
When I walk, it is
like a butterfly
coming out of its

Jerrisa Cross


Inside My Thumbprint

It is like a rollercoaster going
through the deep blue sea,
seeing fish
that look green with a key made
of seaweed
and a door made of
When I open the door, I see
a parallel universe.

Christopher Blair



A fish
in the
waves flowing
and the
glaring on

Jerrisa Cross


Dream Deferred

What happens
to a dream deferred?

Will it
wave to you
like a friend?

Does it
open like
a door?

Does it
float like
a hot-
air balloon?

Does it
blow things
like a fan?

Does it
creep like
a mouse?

Does it
run away?

Sabrina Cochran