Our Impact

94% of teachers say our program leads to greater student engagement with writing and strengthens students’ oral communication skills.

What We Do

Through InsideOut’s creative writing programs, students learn to think critically, create bravely, and share their voices with the world. We provide students ages 6-19 with opportunities for self-expression, mentoring, academic support, and a platform to be heard.

We have served 75,000 students and counting. At this crucial time in Detroit’s history, we provide youth with the creative tools to build the city and world they want to live in.

Students Reading Poetry at Poetry Slam

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InsideOut’s focus on social and emotional wellness helps to foster important skills for a happy and healthy life – not only today, but well into the future. By building supportive learning communities, our programs allow students to be their true selves and share their unique voices – tools that last a lifetime. Tools that matter, whether they continue to identify themselves as a “poet” or not.