“My time with InsideOut gave me a voice. It helped me to see a talent in myself that I didn’t know I had.” Jorge in 2006, during his years with InsideOut at Southwestern High School. Former InsideOut student Jorge Lopez began writing [...]


"Mr. Pete taught me that each word is important, and now I see the whole world that way.” InsideOut alum Skye Baso began writing as a third grader in 2008 when Senior Writer Peter Markus became her Writer-in-Residence at Golightly Education Center in Detroit. [...]


“Poetry is a way for me to just be myself instead of trying to fit in with everybody else. I can be my own rainbow with different colors. Instead of the standard red, orange, yellow, I can be pink, black, and green.” Hear Me [...]


"I think it’s important to tell Detroit's stories. To push different narratives, because a lot of them aren’t at the forefront. Poetry puts them front and center. It’s in your face. It’s hard to ignore." Imani Nichele is our 2018 Detroit Youth Poet Laureate [...]