Dispatches from Home: Journal Entries

Write a love letter or love poem to your favorite quarantine snack.VIDEO FREESTYLE: Spit a freestyle about what has been your favorite thing about being at home?How are you affected by spending so much time with your family? Having sheltered-in-place, write a list poem of [...]

Writing prompts you can smell

Think about your favorite scent and your least favorite scent. Write about the smell that results from combining these two smells. Don’t forget to name your new smell! What does HOME smell like? What does your FAVORITE COLOR smell like? What does a HUG [...]

Writing prompts you can touch

Write about something in your house that you can’t help but touch whenever you walk past it.Write about what you touch in a museum if you could.What is your favorite soft item to touch? What of the moon was made out of it? Write about [...]

Writing prompts you can taste

Write an ODE to your favorite fast food. (Definition: An ode is a poem written in praise of a person, place, or thing.)Make a list of things that taste like LOVE to you. Then write about a world without one of the items on your [...]

Writing prompts you can hear

Write a HAIKU about the way your favorite song makes you feel. (Definition: A haiku is a short poem with a 5-7-5 line structure: Line 1: Five Syllables. Line 2: Seven Syllables. Line 3: Five Syllables). Write a response to a song you know [...]