Alandra Chuney-Jackson

Alandra Chuney-Jackson is an InsideOut alumni, the Co-Executive Director of the Youth Development Resource Center (YDRC) in Detroit, and the founder of the Sisters’ Couch – an organization dedicated to de-stigmatizing mental health for Black women.

Kweku Abimbola

Kweku Abimbola brings his experience as a poet and University of Michigan Civitas Fellow to the InsideOut Writer-in-Residence program. “More than the poetry, editing, and self-awareness skills the Writer-in-Residence Program provides students— I find that the creative independence we afford them to be deeply impactful.”

Activating Genius: The Role of the Visiting Writer

InsideOut has been inviting guest artists to visit our sites and students for years. These programs expose young poets to new styles and a wide array of artists from different artistic and cultural backgrounds. Guest artists usually facilitate a stand alone workshop and/or open mic,…
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Yareli and Poetry for the People Billboard Photo Sara Faraj


“To feel that somebody enjoys reading and getting inspired by the things that I made is awesome. I feel like an author now.” 10-year-old Yareli, a student in our Writer-in-Residence program, recently saw her own writing on a billboard in Corktown as part of Poetry…
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Talitha Johnson

“InsideOut was a launching pad for a lot of my career.” Talitha Johnson was a student at Detroit’s Mackenzie High in 2000 when InsideOut’s Writer-in-Residence program came into her life. Today she is a Marketing Manager at the Detroit Regional Partnership, a regional economic development…
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Daniella Toosie-Watson

Daniella Toosie-Watson Writer-in-Residence  InsideOut’s Writer-in-Residence Program gives students a space to be reminded of their power. Daniella is a Writer-in-Residence who brings her background as a poet, visual artist and educator to her work with elementary school students through InsideOut. Beginning as a University of…
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Mahogany Jones

Mahogany Jones Writer-in-Residence  Even before COVID-19, the spaces that InsideOut and Citywide Poets carves out of time are magical. With our experiences and creativity we get to shape alternate worlds where we are beautiful and powerful and unashamed and far from average. Recording and performance…
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Poetry Program

Catharine Batsios

Catharine Batsios Writer-in-Residence  I want every one of my students to have the weekly reminder that their thoughts are rich, robust, & their brains are unique, & always good enough. Catharine, a poet originally from Flint, Michigan, is a Writer-in-Residence and Citywide Poets Site Leader…
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Rey Hinojosa

There are a lot of reasons for students to tune out or seem uninspired. The real key is for me, the teaching artist, to be a lighthouse, steady in shining the light for them to come to shore if they can. Rey is a writer…
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