[Register](https://insideoutdetroit.org/programs/in-the-community/detroit-youth-poetry-con/) for The Detroit Youth Poetry Con on March 9!
[Register](https://insideoutdetroit.org/programs/in-the-community/detroit-youth-poetry-con/) for The Detroit Youth Poetry Con on March 9!
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If the river could sing

River Poetry Contest

InsideOut is proud to announce the IF THE RIVER COULD SING poetry contest, seeking poems that celebrate and give voice to the beauty and history of the Detroit River (or another area river).

Suma and her mom post smiling in front of a Monet painting in Paris.

3 Things I Learned from Rest: Suma’s Reflections on Sabbatical Part 1

What comes up when you hear the word “sabbatical”? Do you instantly think academia? Is it project-based, or time for rest and renewal?


Introducing New Lead Teaching Artist Fellows

Summer may be coming to a close, but the InsideOut team is just getting warmed up with an exciting development–our new Lead Teaching Artist Fellowship program! Building upon the successful 2020 pilot of one full-time Teaching Artist position – and through the generous support from…
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Activating Genius: The Role of the Visiting Writer

InsideOut has been inviting guest artists to visit our sites and students for years. These programs expose young poets to new styles and a wide array of artists from different artistic and cultural backgrounds. Guest artists usually facilitate a stand alone workshop and/or open mic,…
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A Day in the Life of Poetry for the People

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, InsideOut created Poetry for the People – a series of workshops, installations and performances in neighborhoods across the city designed to demystify poetry and engage new audiences in the ways that language can connect to and enrich their lives….
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Riding the Wave: A Reflection on 5 Years at InsideOut

It’s an understatement to say that InsideOut has changed over the past five years – from staffing to programming to fundraising, we have grown. While I often reflect on the “state of the organization,” my leadership has also changed over the last five years. In…
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Make the Ask: Calling Upon Community During the Write-A-Thon

Last year’s Write-A-Thon was the first time since middle school I attempted any kind of crowdfunding. Growing up in Detroit’s suburbs, my familial attitude was that it was not nice to bother people with yet another invitation to buy Girl Scout cookies, wrapping paper, or…
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The Online Classroom: Lessons and Tips from a Virtual Year

From Zoom classes to Facebook live streams and InsideOut At Home lessons, InsideOut’s programs have looked a little different this year for both students and teaching artists. But despite all of the new challenges of virtual teaching, our Writers-in-Residence have made the most of this…
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5 Stories. 25 Years.

This year marks the first step of InsideOut’s next 25-year journey. We’ve celebrated this occasion by lifting up five stories from five different eras of our history, from our inaugural class in the mid-90s to our most recent graduates. The stories (which you can explore…
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