Kyle Hunt

Kyle Hunt Writer-in-Residence “The [InsideOut] program not only opened them up creatively, giving them the freedom and permission to be ‘weird,’ but I also think our time together relaxed them a bit. I saw improvement in the way they treated each other.”     [...]


“My time with InsideOut gave me a voice. It helped me to see a talent in myself that I didn’t know I had.” Jorge in 2006, during his years with InsideOut at Southwestern High School. Former InsideOut student Jorge Lopez began writing [...]

Benjamin Turner

Benjamin Turner Writer-in-Residence "I was equally concerned with guiding them professionally in writing, as I was concerned with giving them the space to be their own professional guides. Then, by calling attention to that budding skill set, I feel like we were able to pinpoint and excavate [...]

Shawntai Brown

Shawntai Brown Writer-in-Residence “Students cheered when it was time for poetry. They were eager to share, and they were sad when the residency ended.” When Shawntai was a student in school, she experienced InsideOut as a young writer. Now she is an InsideOut Writer-in-Residence [...]

Audra Kubat

Audra Kubat Writer-in-Residence “I saw growth in many of the students’ confidence in speaking and reading in front of each other.” Audra, an accomplished singer-songwriter, uses her love of and experience with music in her creative writing pedagogy as a Writer-in-Residence with InsideOut. Oftentimes, [...]


“Poetry is a way for me to just be myself instead of trying to fit in with everybody else. I can be my own rainbow with different colors. Instead of the standard red, orange, yellow, I can be pink, black, and green.” Hear Me [...]